Hello everyone,

I am Hiroya Yamagishi, a native Japanese speaker, but my foreign friends call me Michael.
I am a certified Japanese teacher and I completed the 420-hour Japanese Language Teacher Training Course.

As of 2023, I offer a range of courses including Japanese grammar, conversation, free talk, and physics, mathematics, and chemistry for EJU preparation.

While I have just started my career as a Japanese teacher, I have been teaching various subjects from elementary school to high school for almost 30 years. Additionally, I hold a Master of Science in quantum chemistry, so I am skilled in teaching logically. I teach all of these courses primarily in Japanese.

What do you think is the most challenging aspect of learning a foreign language? Grammar, pronunciation, cross-cultural understanding? Undoubtedly, these are challenging, but I believe the most difficult aspect is maintaining motivation and continuing to learn. It takes dedication and effort to persevere in language learning.

Previously, my karate instructor, who I trained under, used to say that the three A’s – “Akizu," “Aserazu," and “Akiramezu" – were important.

“Akizu" means “Don’t get bored," “Aserazu" means “Don’t rush," and “Akiramezu" means “Don’t give up."

However, overcoming these three A’s alone can be very difficult. I am here to help you overcome them. Even if you can’t do it alone, with someone to support you, you might be able to overcome them.

I have been studying English for a long time because I want to watch movies without subtitles. That’s why I know the difficulty and joy of language learning. Therefore, I am confident that I can teach while empathizing with your feelings.

Please let me support you so that each of you can achieve your goals.

Posted by Michael